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Health Supplements and Beauty Products

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Agaricus Blazei Mureill Capsule
Price: 1 Box (30s) PHP 1,253
    1 Blister (10s) PHP 413


• Herbal supplement to both healthy and sick
• Immuno-therapy support
• Adjunct to cancer management
• Suitable for all ages
• Support to debilitated & chronically ill
• Functional food supplement for athletes


• Increase in energy level
• Less incidence and frequency of diseases
• Faster rate of recovery from diseases
• In terms of cancer management as an adjunct:
• Lesser discomfort and side effects to conventional treatment
• Reduces incidence in metastasis (spread of cancer)
• Low recurrence rate of cancer
• Better quality of life

Price: 1 Bottle (60s) PHP 2,611
1 Bottle (30s) PHP 1,372


* Smokers and alcoholic drinkers
* On chemotherapy recovery
* Those exposed to chemicals/pesticides
* Immuno-therapy support
* For people who exercise excessively/body builders
* For those who wish to possess fairer & whiter skin

* Protection against damaging effects of free radicals
* Enhancement of immune responses
* Less incidences of diseases (esp. chronic diseases )
* Degenerative conditions
* Delays premature aging
* May result to fair and healthy skin

Bio Green
Price: Bio Green Plus (10 Sachet/ box) PHP 1,225
Bio Green Plus (30 caps) PHP 700


• Alkaline green plant foods balance acidic ph levels
• Naturally detoxifies and boots your immune system
• Contains essential fatty acids (EFS’s) that help keep skin soft elastic, and youthful
• Complete Live Food that helps fight free radicals damage, aging, and tumor causing mutations
• Promotes healthier digestion and regular elimination
• Selectively promotes the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria
• One serving gives the antioxidant equivalent to 7 serving of fruits and vegetable
• Detoxifies.

Joint Connection
Price: Joint Connection PHP 1575


• Relieves pain in osteoarthritis, arthritis and other source of soreness and accompanying inflammation
• Natural remedy of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia tendonitis and bursitis, mascula soreness and athletic injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, post-traumatic inflammation and pain
• Softer skin harder nails, thicker hair, and softening of scar tissue
• Speed healing of strains and sprains
• Control back pain
• Promote healthy aging
• Increase energy and alertness
• Promotes mental calmness
• Relieve stress

Price: Functional Drink PHP 350


* Functional drink to both healthy and sick
* Immuno-therapy support
* Adjunch to cancer management
* Support to debilitated and chronically ill
* Poor nutrition
* For people who are physically and emotionally stress
* For athletes requiring strenuous physical activity


* Increase vitality and physical endurance
* Increase protection against diseases
* Improve mental alertness

Price: Fruit Enzyme Concentrate (300ml) PHP 868
Fruit Enzyme Concentrate (500ml) PHP 1,470

• Nutritional support
• Digestive disorders
• Support the chronically ill patients
• Suitable for all age

• Increase stamina and energy level
• Better digestion and assimilation of nutrients
• Promotes efficient detoxification by body
• Makes other supplements accessible to the body
• Delays pre-mature aging
• Less incident of diseases (especially chronic diseases)

     Nature's Herbs Tonic Drink
Price: Nature's Herbs Tonic Drink PHP 2,520


• Boost the immune system
• Regulates cell function and regenerate damage cell
• Regulates metabolism, elimination, sleep, mood and ovarian cycle
• Gives energy, increase well being, alertness and mental acuity
• Useful as an anti-depress
• Treats respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, coughs and colds
• Good for treatment of viral infection including viral hepatitis, measles and mumps
• Enhances sexual potency
• Powerful anti-oxidant
• Powerful cardiovascular drink
• Prevents premature aging

Nature's Herbs Plus
Price: Nature's Herbs Plus PHP 2,730

• Boosts the immune system
• Regulates cell function and regenerate damage cell
• Regulates metabolism, elimination, sleep, mood and ovarian cycle
• Gives energy, increase well being, alertness and mental acuity
• Useful as an anti-depressant
• Treats respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, coughs and colds
• Good for treatment of viral infection including viral hepatitis, measles and mumps
• Enhance sexual potency
• Powerful anti-oxidant
• Powerful cardiovascular drink
• Prevents premature aging
Ocean Minerals
Price: Ocean Minerals (30ml) PHP 490


• People with hypertension
• People debilitated by osteoporosis and arthritis
• People with heart disease
• Diabetics
• Those suffering from mental health
• Disorders such as ADHD & depression
• Safe for children from 4 years old and above
• Post operative recuperation
• Degenerative disease


• Proper with hypertension
• Problem solving ability
• Endocrinal activity
• Regulation of cell fluids levels nerve and muscle function
• Immune system booster
• Healthy skin
• Promotes bone health
Rose - C Vitamins
Price: Rose - C Vitamins (30s) PHP 420
Rose - C Vitamins (100s) PHP 1,085


• Infants receiving unfortified formulas
• Smokers
• Patients who undergo surgery
• Individuals who are exposed to long periods of cold temperatures
• Safe for children and adults


• Antioxidant qualities
• Supports a healthy immune system
• Promotes normal cholesterol levels in the body
• Supports healthy cardiovascular function
• Helps maintain good vision
• Promotes healthy airways muscles
• Support healthy bones and joints
• Protects against smoking and various pollutants
• Assist wound healing
• Supports healthy reproductive function
• Promotes healthy gums
• Aids in the absorption of iron and other nutrients
• Useful in promoting positive mental health
• Promotes a healthy menstrual cycle
• Promotes a healthy menopausal transition
• Aids in the maintenance of normal connective tissue.

Optiberry Plus
Price: Optiberry Plus (30s) PHP 1,190


• Promotes healthy brain function and mental clarity
• Promotes healthy vision
• Promotes cardiovascular health
• Promotes healthy skin
• Promotes urinary tract health
• Promotes healthy blood sugar levels
• Helps prevent the effects of premature aging

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Baracco Con Agaricus
Price: Baracco con Agaricus (20s) PHP 434

A perfect blend of coffee powder, non-dairy creamer and brown sugar with
agaricus mushroom extract with the aroma and the body of baracco coffee but
less caffeine compared to the usual instant and brewed coffee.
Ampalaya Tea
Price: Ampalaya Tea Atbp. (20s) PHP 280

Good for hypertension, Anemia, Stomach pain, Malaria, Menstrual disorders, Liver problems, Headaches, Cough & Colds, Constipation, Measles & Feverish conditions, aids in detoxifying blood, improves skin and for other various conditions.

Longevi Tea
Price: Longevi - Tea (20s) PHP 280

Have calmative properties that help relieve stress and tension, imporoves digestion and metabolism. It also has diuretic properties, anti-hypertensive and anti-inflammatory, helps relieve gastro-intestinal spasms, headache and muscle cramps. It has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties as well.
   Tsokolatte Con Agaricus
        Price: Tsokolatte con Agaricus (20s) PHP 434

    A good tasting mixture of cacao powder, sugar and non-dairy creamer
    with agaricus mushroom extract that provides multi-nutirents for an
   extra boost of energy.

Personal Enhancement
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Diet Rite
Price: Diet Rite (30s) PHP  1,225


* Increase mental alertness and quikens perception
* Help with athletic performance by increasing stamina and reliving fatigue
* Help with weight loss benefits by speeding metabolism
* Curbs appetite and reduce hunger
* May help with hangovers and menstrual type headaches
* Promotes energy
* Increase Thermogenesis the body rate of burning calories
* Enhance fat oxidation
* With Japanese green tea that burn fat naturally
* Delay in the time after eating before hunger sets in again
* Feeling full more quikly
* With Vitamin B that helps the body release energy from protein, carbohydrates and fats and fight physical stress
SX Drive
Price: SX Drive (30s) PHP 1,190


• Promotes healthy erectile function
• Improves blood vessel function
• Fertility enhancement
• Relaxes smooth muscle thus allowing more blood flow to the clitoris
• Increases libido in men and women
• Increases sexual pleasure
• Improves over-all performance
• Also use for boosting energy
• Supports healthy menopause
• Help to counter fatigue and energize the body
• Balance hormones
• Promotes mental clarity.

Personal Care 
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Anti-Microbial Soap 
Price: Anti-microbial soap (100g) PHP 126

Provide anti-microbial properties that help prevent body odor caused by germs. It is also aloe-based to maintain skin's moisture and hasten the regenerative phase of wound healing.

Price: Glutamilk soap with grape seeds (135g) PHP 154

An exclusive soap-formula of a Song-Yi Mushroom blended with extracts of Papaya and Grape seed with the inclusion of Vitamins E and C especially recommended for people with sensitive skin.

 Hygiene Soap
Price: Hygiene Soap (100g) PHP 133

A soap used primarily as a feminine wash.

Cellulite Soap
Price: Cellulite Soap (100g) PHP 126

A formulation of soap-based Bladdewrack, Centella Asiatica & Aloe Vera that work synergistically to burn excess fats and cellulite, thus promoting moisturized and firm skin.


Facial Soap

Price: Facial Soap (100g) PHP 133

A special soap that repairs damaged skin tissue from sun exposure and premature aging. It makes your skin soft, smooth and clear because of its natural active ingredients. Best for pimple and acne-prone skin.

Price: Skin Whitening Soap (100g) PHP 126

Contains purified Licorice extracts, which inhibits excess melanin production, thus preventing skin from darkening.

Papaya Cube Soap w/ Aloe Vera
Price: Papaya soap (100g) PHP 133

A special soap that gently lightens the skin tone without stripping the skin of nourishment. It also effective in gently shedding off dehydrated skin cells and loosening pore blockage.

Price: Blanche Lotion PHP 287
A rich and invigorating lotion with a pleasant scent. It helps skin become naturally white and smooth and helps to make it moisturized, fair and soft.
 Lauat Saponin Shampoo
Price: Lauat Saponin Shampoo PHP 280
A special formulation of herbal extracts that revitalizes your hair. 

 Hair Conditioner with Collagen

Price: Hair Conditioner with Collagen PHP 350

A new collagen- formula enriched with amino acids that provides nourishing benefits for both hair and scalp, With its vitamins, now you can get that manageably, softness and scent you deserve.

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