Investment Opportunity

As Classique Herbs Corporation strives to be the best in the Health and Wellness industry through the efficacy of our products, the company also developed a very good system for both the distributors and the company itself creating lucrative packages for each contributors to its growth while creating revenues for the company. For 10 years, the company is continuously growing locally and globally which proves the strength of the company's system and the efficacy of its products. We invite you to try our products and experience for yourself how it will change your life through good health and better self. And after being convinced of its effectiveness, you may want to bring your involvement further by becoming an investor and get awed at how generous this company is in returning your investment through various marketing structures which will be presented in this page.

Classique Herbs Corporation is a networking company which uses the Hybrid System of creating income streams for its distributors making it a very attractive place on where to invest your money. Once you know the system and you work hard on it, your income possibility will become infinite and that is, as much as you want. Currently, our group is focusing on saturating the province of Cavite where we have just registered a product center to cater to the needs of the people of Cavite. This means that incoming registrants now will be one of the pioneers of the Classique Southern Luzon expansion benefiting from strategic positioning at the start of the Southern Luzon leg which will enable new members to maximize their advantage and thus, their income.

To get you familiar with the marketing structure this company uses, we will be presenting each income streams every investor can aim for. There are 12 ways to earn from Classique Herbs which are:

1.) Retailing - this is the basic way to earn as all traditional business do. You purchase a product and sell it at a mark up. In Classique, the company sets a retail price and distributors get it from the company at a discount enabling then to earn a 40% profit. This will make you earn as much as you want through retaining and finding new clients. Let's look at the below example.

Aside from the traditional retail profit, another interesting ways to earn are through:

2. Sponsorship Bonus - Php500 for each head you have sponsored  

3. Trinary Bonus - Php1500 for every 3 heads paired under any of your legs

4. Binary Bonus - Php800 for every pair under any of your legs

These can possible as the company is on a networking structure. Thus, if you are able to grow your structure by sponsoring other distributors to be your downline you will earn Php500 for each head you are able to bring in, Php800 for every pair and Php1500 for every 3 heads paired on each of your legs.

5. Survival Bonus - another way to earn is through survival bonus. In here, you will see how generous the company is as it recognizes the efforts you did in expanding your structure but unfortunately having an inactive leg. So, for the remaining active leg,you will still earn 10% of your power leg's total income in a month provided that your active leg's income should be at least Php2,000.

6. Unilevel Bonus - Earnings can also come from your repeat purchases including those from under your line up to the 8th level based on the accumulated BV (business volume) each month. BV refers to the points you have accumulated from the purchase of products of your choice which have a designated points for this purpose. Each level has a corresponding percentage of how much the company would return to you. Below example's assumption is a 5-head structure with a minimum of 500 BV each head starting from you up to the 8th level of your downline.

7. Personal Rebate - As you continue to grow with the company, you are given a corresponding rank based on your achievement. These ranks come with attractive perks which you will enjoy as you progress to reach the top.

8. Development Bonus - from Associate 1 to Executive Director 3

9. Network Bonus - from Associate 3 to Executive Director 3

10. Car and House Fund - from Director 3 to Executive Director 3

11. Profit Sharing - from Executive Director 2 to Executive Director 3

12. Travel Incentive - from Director 1 to Executive Director 3

To sum it up:

Strategies and Techniques Exclusive for Classique Herbs Corporation Members

1. Multiple Income
2. Fast Track Promotion
3. Intensive Marketing Focus
4. Best Ways of Earning
5. Better Understanding of the Business for Faster Financial Stability

By looking at how many ways you can earn through doing the Classique business, you will find how much your money and hard work could earn and how much it will change your life. This is absolutely a far cry from just earning through employment of which from the very start, your earning every month is already determined before you even accept the job. But with Classique Herbs, you decide how much you would like to earn. And to be honest, it requires the same hard work or even less when you work for a boss. With this set up, you will be your own boss and you will enjoy time freedom which will enable you to spend more time with people and things that matter most. Not only that, once you know the system by heart, it won't be too long and your long dreamed financial freedom will be a reality for you. So decide and act now. You may contact us through Skype and Yahoo Messenger (Skype ID: nathadale; Yahoo ID: nathadale) or just fill up the Investment Form below and send us a message.

How to Invest?

With the current Classique Herbs earning system, we can do a lot of things to maximize our investment or to tailor it with our available resources. With Classique Herbs, all kinds of investors may benefit from the system and the products. For those who would like to earn extra and would want to use the products but with limited resources, the very basic entry to Classique Herbs is through registering 1 head.

This one registration costs only PHP 4,880 which includes:
a. Classique Herbs Product worth PHP 4,500
b. Accident and disability insurance worth of up to PHP 100,000.
c. Lifetime membership with Classique Herbs which will give you a member discount on all products.
d. Opportunity to earn through retailing and networking.
With your 1 registration, you can be an independent distributor and earn more with every registration you have sponsored. You will lose nothing with your money cash out as everything is returned to you at the moment you register.

Another way of getting into Classique Herbs business is through registering multiple heads. This is more advantageous as it will multiply the possibility of earning income as there will be more heads that will earn you income. This will make income faster and greater taking advantage of the system with multiple heads to achieve a quantum leap. These may be through investing 3, 4, 5, 7, 31 or more heads depending on your capacity.

If you wish to be involved more on product pushing, you may also register as a mobile stockist, product center or a mega center to enjoy of other benefits only available to the stockists.

The bottom line is, if you invest with classique herbs don’t think only about the business side of this venture, the most important gain you get in here is the gift of getting cheaper yet effective health products that will help you live a healthy and better life. With the many health risks around us nowadays like the killer cancer which is the cause of many deaths among Filipinos, hypertension, diabetes, etc. as more and more unhealthy habits, foods, and contaminants in the environment are coming out, we have the responsibility to defend ourselves from these destructive elements. Taking supplements is one of the ways to protect ourselves and this is the most important gift Classique Herbs could give you.

Invest now and be one of us. You can be assured of our support as your upline. After we sponsor you, we will teach you and provide trainings on how to market for your downline as we are one team having the same goal. Start by referring your friends and acquaintances and we will help you market them to be your downline. Every registered referral under your name will earn you money which will be paid through checks scheduled every week.

Proof of my ROI after investing on September 2011.

 Above are sample cheques I received from Classique Herbs as part of my Return of Investment (ROI).

First investment was in September registering 7 heads worth PHP 34,160. I received my products
worth PHP 31,500 right after I registered complete with a distributor’s kit and a registration for my life insurance including my family. After a month, I decided to invest another 31 heads with plans to upgrade into a product center in June next year. What made me decide for this is that, I have proven to myself that the income is real as I have started receiving checks a week after I signed up and more are coming. Thus, the return of my investment will not be that long to be completed plus an infinite return on investment if I do well. Another thing is that, the product is so great that it has positive effects in our lives as good things happen in my family. My mother was cured of a recurring cyst which has been operated thrice but will always come back. With Classique’s Agaricus Blazei Mureill, the annoying cyst never came back after 2 months of taking ABM. My 2 sisters who don’t have a regular menstruation with low blood flow, were cured of their hormonal imbalance after taking SX Drive. My family right now, also have smoother and glowing skin with Glutathione and facial soap. These amazing things made me happy with my investment and I look forward to sharing these great stuffs with you.