Saturday, 5 November 2011

Personal Enhancement

Price : SX Drive (30 caps) PHP 1,190
Be thrilled and experience that utmost performance


• 755 mg per capsule
• Available in 30-capsule bottle
• A powerhouse formulation of Prosexual supplement
• With L-Arginine tagged as Prosexual enhancer
• Also with Maca with perceived-aphrodisiac
• With Amino acid, the building blocks of protein


• L-Arginine HCI
• Horny Goat Weed
• Maca
• L-Lysine HCI
• Gingco Biloba
• Saw Palmetto
• L-Glutamine
• Siberian Ginseng

• Promotes healthy erectile function
• Improves blood vessel function
• Fertility enhancement
• Relaxes smooth muscle thus allowing more blood flow to the clitoris
• Increases libido in men and women
• Increases sexual pleasure
• Improves over-all performance
• Also use for boosting energy
• Supports healthy menopause
• Help to counter fatigue and energize the body
• Balance hormones
• Promotes mental clarity.

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