Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Most Notable Causes of Immune System Weakness

These are the most notable causes of our immune system weakness:

1. Stress - Stress is normally formed if we don't have enough rest and if we're thinking too much to achieve one goal. It is common in young and old professionals and to people who deals with pressing problems may it be on money matters, family matters, etc.

2. Pollution - As the world progresses, we see a lot of improvements around us which may pose dangers to our environment as some activities that goes with it may contribute to pollution. These includes pollution coming from factories, emissions from cars, burning of forests, water contamination and other forms of pollution which are dangerous to human beings.

3. Smoking - Majority of the smokers are men but nowadays, more and more women are joining the ranks of smokers which increases the number of people who are dangerously at high health risks.
4. Age - One of life's inevitable hazards is aging. No matter what we do, we will surely be undergoing this as this is part of our life as human beings. There is no way we can escape aging. What we can just do is to prepare for our old age. We all know that as time progresses many kinds of sickness may plague us. With this, we need to do something to keep our mind and body healthy and functional. One of the ways to keep our mind and body healthy is to keep a healthy lifestyle which includes exercise, eating right, enough sleep and rest, maintaining a positive outlook and taking up supplements.We need to properly maintain our body to be able to function well and live longer without so much difficulty. Prevention is always better than cure. Gradual care may reduce the risk of acquiring dangerous diseases that may cost more money and time for recovery if we don't take care of our body in a regular basis. Sometimes, if these diseases are cured, our body will never be the same again and will leave us wishing we should have taken the extra care our body needs to be able to function well. 

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